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Pineapple Flowers and Taiwan Fruits
HO Huey-Chih
NO. 20140013
Year 2009
Max Size
102.5 x 128 x 3 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
HO Huey-Chih is an artist skilled at depicting still life with meticulous and complex brush strokes. She seeks her themes in the cuisine and utensils of daily use in Taiwan, filling her paintings with ordinary objects found randomly in everyday life. Pineapple Flowers and Taiwan Fruits is a work filled with pineapples, star fruit, bananas, guava, and Black Pearl wax apples that dazzle the eye. The scarlet pineapple flowers represent good luck. Candlesticks symbolize the short life of flowers and fruit, pigeons and fruit farmers symbolize the bumper harvest of the fruit season that brings peace and happiness to the people of Taiwan, and symbolize as well as secure and bright future. HO Huey-Chih has a meticulous brush style with which she depicts each and every one of the many pieces of fruit in her painting, a painting that depicts many things but avoids disorder. She first contrasts full red and green and then embellishes with yellow and white, in this way setting off a festive scene, satisfying the viewer's gastronomic yearnings.