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The Garden of Eden
HO Huey-Chih
NO. 20190014
Year 2017
Max Size
104.5 x 130 x 5.5 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
HO Huey-Chih paints using realistic and delicate methods, interpreting The Garden of Eden with vivid colors and richness. The hero and heroine of the story are Adam and Eve in the distance, with the evil snake in the lower left, the ribs in the lower right, and the angel sculpture is a Cherub sent by God to prevent anyone from approaching the Tree of life. HO Huey-Chih added many Taiwan-style daily objects and modern interpretations, such as a lactic acid drink with the "Adam" homonym, and the Apple Daily that reports dank news. She reminds people that the evil in the world is still there in a humorous way, and the baby savior Jesus can restore our lost goodness. HO Huey-Chih uses different perspectives to fuse objects and backgrounds to present a rich and lively scene, encompassing religious inspiration cleverly.