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Seven Days and Night
CHEN Hui-Chiao
NO. 20160173
Year 2011
Max Size
8 x 30 x 30 cm x 7p
PVDF resin on iron with pingpong
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Hui-Chiao is skilled in using readymades as symbolic vocabulary to convey her concepts and sensory experiences. Seven Days and Nights symbolizes an infinite expanse of the sky. 7 ping-pong balls are placed on black platforms arranged horizontally with equal space. One of the platforms is deliberately placed at a lower position and given a different-colored ping-pong ball, creating what seems to be like a lower pitch in a segment of sheet music. A ping-pong ball may have a simple shape, but is capable of accommodating an infinite combination of changes. Spherical objects represent planets, and the movement of the balls serves as an analogy for revolution that acts as the key driving force of development in societies and civilizations. Simplicity and harmony, compatibility and independence are the core concepts of CHEN Hui-Chiao’s artistic elements that infinitely expand upon the spherical shapes as a response to questions regarding the existence of the mind and spirit.