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Night Sky and Meteor Showers
CHEN Hui-Chiao
NO. 20180054
Year 2014
Max Size
63.8 x 64 x 8.3 cm x 2p
spun gold on suede
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Hui-Chiao is skilled at creating profound artistic works using symbolic metaphors combined with ready-made objects. Night Sky and Meteor Showers replaces pen and paint with needle and thread, highlighting the materiality of the material itself and opening up various imaginations and possibilities about materials, concepts, and forms. She replaces the canvas with suede and sewed the glitter line on with electric embroidery. On one side, the stars are circling around the earth under the dark blue sky; on the other side, the meteor is showering across the golden sky bright as daytime. The two form a dialogue between colors and shapes. In addition to the abstract rationality of geometric and monochromatic painting, it also includes the expressiveness created by the material of the object. Through the use of materials, CHEN Hui-Chiao ponders upon the possibility of the expression of graphic works.