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Sway Space Series- 4
PAN Meng-Yao
NO. 20140511
Year 2013
Max Size
134 x 103 x 4.5 cm
Combining techniques print
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
PAN Meng-Yao has obtained his Master’s degree in Art from Spain and is skilled in combining print art with calligraphy. In Sway Space series-4, PAN Meng-Yao first starts off by randomly creating calligraphic graffiti upon the canvas, using deliberate destruction and reassembly of the elements in order to create an abstract composition filled with different color patches and blank spaces. The once continuous calligraphic strokes have been broken apart and allowed to flow along the lines, giving the viewers with free rein over the entire artistic landscape. The blank spaces and bordering regions reassembled from the color pieces generate an interactive and musical rhythm between the color patches. PAN Meng-Yao believes that artistic creation is a physical manifestation of the artist’s inner world, and uses art as a means to contrast between two different extremes and his own aesthetic utopia.