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Projection, Destruction, Circulation
PAN Meng-Yao
NO. 20180224
Year 2017
Max Size
102 x 130.6 x 4 cm
Relief and Intaglio print
Artwork Appreciation
PAN Meng-Yao uses the indirect nature of printmaking to create a picture that is full of plasticity and freedom. In the work, Projection, Destruction, Circulation, he combines gravure with letterpress to create a rich color block and texture. In the gray background, two big cross patterns are arranged on the left and right sides of the picture, corresponding with each other. The green and orange lines surround them, producing a vivid image for the picture. The scratches of the lines create an intuitionistic destructive texture that makes the picture incoherent. PAN Meng-Yao tries to escape the printmaking framework and reflects the pressure of contemporary life in the form of graffiti, telling the state of consciousness of modern people.