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The Other Side 8
WU Wen-Cheng
NO. 20150331
Year 2015
Max Size
156 x 156 x 7.2 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
WU Wen-Cheng’s works showcase the rhythms and changes of color upon the canvas. Yonder 8 shows lines that resemble explosions of electrons bouncing around at random across the composition. Some of the lines form ordered geometries while others are jumbled like convoluted thoughts, while splashes and drips of paint melding into each other weave amongst these circuit-like formations. Lines and collisions of color create a visual effect that resembles electric shocks. WU Wen-Cheng created these works to describe the powerful sensations richly imbued with the energy of consciousness derived from inner emotions and awakened strengths.