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The Other Side 5
WU Wen-Cheng
NO. 20140565
Year 2013
Max Size
133.3 x 165 x 7 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
WU Wen-Cheng has dispensed with figurative approaches in order to investigate the true nature of drawing. The other Side 5 gratuitously employed automatist techniques. Seemingly random color arrangements were employed to create a composition flowing with inner biological energies. The other Side 5 is composed of large patches of varying colors overlapping and mixing with each other. Large quantities of flowing paint generate weathered appearances and powerful explosions, while blue and black lines arranged to form geometric shapes or chaotic knots represent electric currents dashing about the canvas. The artist has employed liquid paint in order to recreate the innermost sensations and the energies experienced in sudden awakenings, giving a rich tapestry brimming with vitality and power.