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SHIEH Hong-Juin
NO. 20170099
Year 2014
Max Size
122 x 90.8 x 6 cm
Charcoal, acrylic and gesso on paper
Artwork Appreciation
SHIEH Hong-Juin’s creations are deeply embedded with personal experience and serve as an intimate and in-depth investigation of life in the modern era. Resting combines the human form with floral shapes to create an abstract composition of sketch lines that integrate both the painting subject and the artist herself. SHIEH Hong-Juin created a feminine dimension of repeated lines to build a densely-packed formation resembling abstract floral patterns covering the entire canvas. A human form can also be vaguely seen within these lines, hiding a dark and mellow undertone. This work also highlighted the artist’s recent creative shift from the human form to floral patterns. SHIEH Hong-Juin’s works incorporate the delicate, resilient, and tolerant elements unique to female artists, and serve as an in-depth and personal reflection of life itself.