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Strange View
WU Yu-Jou
NO. 20180119
Year 2013
Max Size
42.4 x 57 x 4.3 cm x10p
Relief print
Artwork Appreciation
The works from WU Yu-Jou focus on the relationship between humans and nature. In the work, Strange View, the square-like picture shows the artificial sceneries created by human beings in the natural world. These sceneries are the "beautiful" landscapes created by human, for their own convenience and preferences. With a patching and stacking approach, a distorted and disformed image is created to distance the image from the reality. These seemingly magnificent sceneries seem to be able to be assembled together like a puzzle. However, they cannot truly fit together due to the fragmentation and incompleteness. WU Yu-Jou reflects on the hidden crisis behind the seemingly beautiful appearance with the scene of the prosperity of humans and nature under coexistence.