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Landscape in Progress 1
MA Li-Chun
NO. 20210226
Year 2017
Max Size
123.2 x 51 x 4.5 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
The artist Ma Li-Chun photographs the signs of urban landscape “corrosion” and adjusts the imagery of Chinese landscape painting as the basis for his creative work. He arranges the photographs through collage in a way that makes each picture tell a story. In this way, he developed his “Landscape in Progress” series. It aims to demonstrate the impact of human civilization and urban development on nature. In Landscape in Progress 1, he used the multi-point perspective of traditional Chinese painting, but added high-rise condominiums, high-voltage electricity towers, excavators, and other things into the picture. It creates a vision that extends from bottom to top and shows how the natural environment is gradually being changed by human behavior. The depth of the color of the image in the painting is not only used to express the sense of distance, but also to represent the degree of familiarity between the artist and the depicted buildings or objects. Through the combination of realism and freehand brushwork, Ma Li-Chun uses such images to reflect on changes to nature and their significance.