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Landscape Shaped
MA Li-Chun
NO. 20140334
Year 2013
Max Size
66.6 x 66.6 x 2 cm x 3p
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
MA Li-Chun is an experienced magazine photographer and reporter who had traversed many countries and lands. However, MA Li-Chun also harbors a unique artistic sensitivity that allows him to uncover emotional moments that others often miss. Landscape Shaped depicts a scene of mighty mountains and deep gorges covered with snow. The land itself is a vast, white-colored canvas that makes the entire composition all the more majestic and lonesome. The reality, however, is far from this. This seemingly natural mountain form is actually composed of carefully arranged rock salt. MA Li-Chun has used this clever arrangement, his inner intuition, visual dialog, and professional photographic techniques to create a world where “trees aren’t trees and flowers aren’t flowers.” MA Li-Chun has revolutionized the nature of documentary photography, and instead extracted elements from natural forms in order to construct beauteous natural sceneries integrated within Shanshui artworks, expressing the aesthetics of oriental art via the eye of the camera lens.