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The Emperor's New Clothes
WANG Chien-Yang
NO. 20160264
Year 2013
Max Size
111 x 149 x 3.5 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
WANG Chien-Yang’s works are contemplation and dialogs about cultural phenomenon. He often makes use of boisterous and celebrative atmospheres to create various cultural fantasies while invoking a humorous dialog of political and social topics. The Emperor’s New Clothes are based upon tribal art. Various tribal masks and sculptures are arranged to create a primal, jungle-like aesthetic while the father and child depicted in the composition serve as an analogy to legacy and purity. Primal tribalism and the young child create a temporal contrast: young and ancient at the same time. WANG Chien-Yang uses the father and child character as well as a tribal setting to create a metaphor for cultural legacy as well as his wishes for preserving spiritual purity.