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WEN Meng-Yu
NO. 20140484
Year 2014
Max Size
99.8 x 99.8 x 5 cm, 100 x 100 x 5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
WEN Meng-Yu uses painting as a media for recording aspects of everyday life. Living space is first broken down into fragments and human elements removed. Disassembled fragments are then put together again to create new, surreal themes. They is a work composed of two different paintings depicting two similar pairs of beds placed arranged at the same angles. Sweet, pinkish hues create a dream-like atmosphere. Personal intimacy is packaged into a serene resting area bordering between the actual world and fantasy. Every item is a metaphor of the artist’s nostalgia for the past. WEN Meng-Yu has reassembled her personal experiences into a special area traceable to simple narrations that can be shared with the viewers and offer them to experience the flowing emotions contained within.