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Dishonest Mine
LIANG You-Ning
NO. 20150267
Year 2014
Max Size
63.5 x 126 x 6 cm
Oil, acrylic and pencil on canvas mounted on wood board
Artwork Appreciation
LIANG You-Ning uses fine strands of hair as an artistic element in his artwork to convey inner contradictions that also serve as a critique and imagination of the outside world. Dishonest Mine is a reflection of recent food safety issues in Taiwan. Flan topped by thick strands of hair instead of caramel represent mountains rich in mineral resources, while heads covered in hair are transported away by rail carts from caves made in the flan mountains, heading towards an unknown destination. The artist has transformed food safety incidents into an imaginative artwork in order to express his disappointment in Taiwan’s food industry and as a response to the recurring scandals of malicious food adulteration.