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Met the Illusion of Reality
CHU Fang-Yi
NO. 20140207
Year 2012
Max Size
105 x 80 x 40 cm
Glazed ceramic
Artwork Appreciation
The artist CHU Fang-Yi mainly works with porcelain, fashioning them into various objects and symbols in order to focus on the relationship between actual objects and illusions. In Met the Illusion of Reality, CHU Fang-Yi combined the outward shape of a gourd covered with spotted glazing, creating a work that reminded us of luffas or star-shaped symbols. CHU Fang-Yi believes that any single object does in fact contain two or more forms that each symbolizes a distinct personality that exist within the object. This porcelain work thus expresses the unique interface between illusory and realistic elements. Familiar lines, shapes, and images are re-defined and re-interpreted, conveying the artist’s unique observations of seemingly mundane objects.