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Works by the Artist
Other Works(Shuang-Lian Pond 1997)
Concerto II: Green
CHEN Min-Tse
NO. 20140168
Year 2010
Max Size
80.8 x 108.8 x 5.6 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Min-Tse is skilled in incorporating nature into the theme of her works, which often express deeper meaning on environment care. After years of practicing art, CHEN Min-Tse discovered that her emotional state and actions during the process of creation have been affected by the surrounding music, which would then be translated into messages conveyed by the finished piece. Hence, in the Concerto series, CHEN Min-Tse made an attempt to explore the link between color and music, using harmonic colors and brush strokes to generate the rhythmic and musical sensations of the entire composition and the tones used. Concerto II: Green used green as the main color tone. Similar and complementary shades were also used to create a harmonic yet dynamically transforming, richly-layered, and detailed mountain-scape. Different pieces fall together to create a perfect symphony, conveying the majestic and verdant view of Taiwan’s forested mountain slopes. CHEN Min-Tse has maximized the advantages provided by her sensitivity and knowledge of color and paint to unleash her passion and creativity upon the canvas to create this wonderful and breathtaking artwork.