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The White Beach on the Waves
LIN Wei-Hsuan
NO. 20130138
Year 2012
Max Size
96.5 x 130 x 5.1 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Wei-Syuan is a hearing-impaired artist, and this series of paintings originates from experiences she had during a low period of her life. She transforms her own life experiences into musical painting terms as a way to communicate and re-create them. In The White Beach on the Waves, she recklessly assembles intensely contrasting regions of color in the composition, forming an image with a terse, bright cadence. A natural seaside vista, reinterpreted by her paintbrush, is endowed with a graceful, pulsing life force. Lin’s painting is like a lithe concerto, giving the viewer unlimited room for imagination.