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Concentric Circles- Moving House
WU Chien-Hsing
NO. 20160123
Year 2015
Max Size
135 x 330 x 82 cm
Cleavers, Self-assembled Vehicle, motor and machine
Artwork Appreciation
WU Chien-Hsing’s artworks are based upon daily objects, personal experiences, and observations to construct the sensation of conflict. Concentric Circles – Moving House is a stack of sharp blades placed on a platform equipped with wheels. A motor causes the wheels to shake violently every now and then, threatening to collapse the stack of knives. Knives, often linked to their ability to inflict injury, are used to create a stable yet unsettling visual conflict, reflecting upon WU Chien-Hsing’s views on home. A home may appear stable, but a life without a settled place to live will always threaten to fall apart and collapse at any moment.