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WAITING for Activation 1004
LIANG Jen-Hung
NO. 20160211
Year 2015
Max Size
210 x 120 cm
Stainless steel
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
LIANG Jen-Hung combines sculpting with dynamic installations. WAITING for Activation 1004 is an interactive sculpture installation. Strong stainless steel provides a flowing form and a sphere connected via movable joints. A viewer’s hands or natural ventilation could activate the dancing motion. The polished and reflective surfaces provide a clear yet distorted reflection of the surroundings, initiating an interesting dialog with the ambient environment. Once the energy is removed, everything settles into a dynamic balance, waiting for another activation. LIANG Jen-Hung introduces dynamic principles to sculptures to express the respect towards nature and highlight the necessity for technological progress to adopt the ways of nature as its guidance.