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Other Works(●City-Taipei)
Neon City- Taipei. Shanghai. Tokyo
LAI Pei-Yu
NO. 20140569
Year 2008
Max Size
39.5 x 229.3 x 3 cm x 3p
Digital print
Artwork Appreciation
LAI Pei-Yu’s creations have always focused upon symbols and the meaning of their presentation. In Neon City-Taipei.Shanghai.Tokyo, imagery techniques were used to present the city’s massive skylines at night. The entire scene appears like a prosperous cityscape with bedazzling neon lights and advertisement boxes. Closer observations, however, revealed this composition to be made up of circular symbols of different sizes that act as simplified lighting arranged in a specified formation that looks like a city’s neon decorated mantle while revealing its urban contours. LAI Pei-Yu hopes that this work could help express the lack of diversity and homogeneity of urban landscapes in the era of modern globalization.