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HUANG Yen-Ying
NO. 20140426
Year 2013
Max Size
112.3 x 145.5 x 5.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
Huang Yen-Ying’s works are often based upon the differences between Eastern and Western mindsets and between ancient and modern knowledge systems. These comparisons were then converted into a visual language in order to provide a deep presentation of the artist’s metaphorical reference to Taiwanese history and modern social mindsets. In Dream, the artist has illustrated a side profile of a human brain decorated with dozens of sparkling light spots like an old meridian chart instructing the viewer on the pressure points contained within the cerebrum. At the same time, however, the unique formation of the spots outlines the shape of the human brain like a star constellation. By comparing between meridian charts and star maps, the artist provides an innovative reflection on the value of the human soul, and highlighting the viewer’s historical and social observations can help reconsider the links that exist between the individual and society.