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Pink Water Chestnut Star
SU Wan-Ting
NO. 20130326
Year 2011
Max Size
86.5 x 94 x 4.4 cm
Acrylic and glitter on wood
Artwork Appreciation
Artist SU Wan-Ting believes that the creative process is a kind of mysterious alchemy, in which infinitude of extensions and regenerations of visual space can be built on the limited surface of the canvas. In Pink Water Chestnut Star, Su presents a work of riotous color, with distorted, abstract patterns in reddish tones on top of a base of pink. Following the irregular shape of the canvas, the picture appears to become a living entity. The patterns follow the protruding corners of the canvas, constantly rippling inward and bursting open, like ongoing collisions of galaxies in the universe. With ever-developing chaotic forms, Su practices her artistic alchemy, reproducing the remarkable forms that life takes on.