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The Vision
HOU Chung-Ying
NO. 20190206
Year 2017
Max Size
117.5 x 162.3 x 5 cm
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
HOU Chung-Ying's oil painting The Vision uses the theme of hands. With red and green pigments dripping, smearing, and melting in both hands, he deliberately eliminates the subjectivity of hands. The picture presents both hands with a microscopic perspective through delicate brush strokes. The artist depicts each pore and texture of the hands in a realistic way to create a sensual natural landscape. In the process of creation, HOU Chung-Ying tries to find a single primitive subject that contains everything in the world. In addition to exploring various issues, he can also convey various emotional states. He believes that the most primitive medium of human beings is the hands used for communication and creation in the external world. Therefore, he starts to use the image of hands as the theme to explore the phenomena of human interaction with the world.