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Perfect Family 3
CHEN Ching-Yao
NO. 20180194
Year 2017
Max Size
125.5 x 162 x 5.5 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Ching-Yao's creations cover graphic painting, photography and videography. He often combines costumes, behavior, and photography in his works to explore the similarities between Asian cultures and history using satires. In the work, Perfect Family3, he uses political figures from the authoritarian era as the subjects, recreating the "First Family" photo with a historical place and role-playing. The figures in the picture are all facing the viewers with their backs, and as if on purpose, revealing the wooden sticks and tape used to support their bodies, metaphorizing that these seemingly real people in front of us may only be fake human boards. CHEN Ching-Yao tries to guide the viewers to reflect on the essence of authoritarian politics through the "pretending" of real people and the "reality" of fake people.