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Work of Viedo
Scar's Video Files,No.1,Total 1.
NO. 20200194
New Media and Installation Art
Year 2017
Max Size
Artwork Appreciation
The artist Huang Shi-Rou is skilled in animation and illustration. Her illustrations are mostly in watercolor and pastel, with a delicate, soft style. The women in her illustrations exude a warm, tranquil atmosphere and are deeply influenced by the nineteenth-century Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and the modern Russian artist Zorikto Dorzhiev, both known for their paintings of women. Her animation work, Scar, describes a girl who feels most at ease in the water, but one day a little red boat accidently scratches her delicate skin. Huang Shi-Rou uses her own experiences as a background, condenses memories of love into one after another episode expressing women’s feelings of love and unique sense of time. They lead viewers into their own deep memories, so that they too can feel love’s warmth as well as ambiguous slights. The entire animation is hand-painted, and its delicate, gentle brushstrokes exert a healing power on viewers.