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Distance. Alienated Series- 07. 08. 09
CHEN Wei-Ming
NO. 20140254
Year 2011~2012
Max Size
116 x 91 cm, 91 x 133 cm, 116 x 116 cm
Oil on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Wei-Ming is skilled in using tones and color blocks to highlight spatial layers and three-dimensional sensations. His Distance – Alienated Series made use of overlapping and crisscrossing color blocks to convey the sense of alienation between individuals of the modern society. Distance. Alienated Series-07.08.09 is composed of three separate works, composed of color blocks of different sizes arrayed in a well-designed arrangement to create different layers and orderly patterns. Abstract symbols represent people living in modern cities, with the gaps between individual color blocks representing the distance between individuals and hints at the people’s alienation and self-isolation in the modern urban culture. CHEN Wei-Ming made use of abstract methods to create a visual illusion that conveys the intimate yet distance interpersonal relationships as well as the real yet virtual social networks that we rely on, while at the same time represents our attempt to start a conversation between our inner-self and the society around us.