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Sacred Mountain-Moring
KAO Yung-Lung
NO. 20170204
Year 2016
Max Size
115 x 97.5 x 5.9 cm
Gouache on paper
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
KAO Yung-Lung illustrates natural landscapes and geographies to convey inner reflections of sights that he had witnessed. Sacred Mountain – Morning is an illustration of the peak Kangrinboqê on Kailash Mountain. The Mountain is regarded as a sacred site and attracts numerous pilgrims every year. KAO Yung-Lung uses a realist technique to present the textures of the mountains worn away by the ice, snow, and weather elements while highlighting the rising and majestic form of the peak. Gold foil was used to recreate the spreading golden light caused by the diffusion of solar rays from the sun at dawn, generating a warming hue that forms a strong contrast against the cold, blue tones of the peak. KAO Yung-Lung conveys the imposing power and vitality of nature while seeking a sanctuary for the empty and lonely states of the mind.