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The Sound of Northern Coast
CHANG Chih-Wen
NO. 20140490
Year 2012
Max Size
92 x 121.4 x 3.5 cm x 6p
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
CHANG Chih-Wen is a skilled black and white photographer. The Sound of Northern Coast is a collection of 6 photographs that focus on special rock formations and sceneries in Taiwan’s northern coasts. These photographs portray beauteous natural sceneries rich with theatrical tension. Slow speed shutter was used to record the movement of tides and clouds along the coast that have helped create these unique and seemingly magical landforms formed after eons of erosion and weathering. CHANG Chih-Wen made use of his skills in manipulating shutter speeds and perspectives to capture the form of ever-changing nature, granting his works a human touch that perfectly and poetically depicts the innermost essences of photography.