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Growing to Get Closer
CHEN Ping-Han
NO. 20130110
Year 2013
Max Size
90.3 x 90.3 x 1.9 cm
Acrylic paint and mixed media collaged on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
The paintings of CHEN Ping-Han show her care for the ecology and the position of animals in the contemporary consumer society. She uses color block collage to present the vivid and magnificent image. This work, “Growing Only to Get Closer” features an elevated house in the gorgeous blue sky that is surrounded and hovered by a flock of black birds. The image implies the crumbling of the house while pursuing to approach the sky. The artist conveys the human desire to pursue materials with the attempt to manipulate the ecology through knowledge and technology, or even try to change the appearance of animals. What is neglected behind the vanity is the gradually compressed space for human to survive.