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Elegant the Fam
LIN Ying-Chen
NO. 20160230
Year 2015
Max Size
133.4 x 165 x 4 cm
Acrylic, pencil, ink, and mineral pigments on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Ying-Chen’s paintings feature plants to convey the natural and emotional nature of life. Elegant Fam has a bluish-emerald background with different shades. The plants, on the other hand, resemble preserved specimen and are portrayed in meticulous detail to exhibit the various stages of growth. The inflorescence of the plants are light and fluffy and resemble the fur of wild animals. The painting is a verdant yet silent composition of co-existence and co-prosperity. LIN Ying-Chen presents an atmosphere that contrasts virtual and physical worlds, displaying plants in various stages of flowering, fruiting, and senescence to symbolize the primal and unadulterated desires of life.