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Ever Moving Machinery.B
LEE Tzu-Hsun
NO. 20170025
Year 2016
Max Size
115.5 x 115.5 x 11.2 cm
Acrylic colour, wood, metal, plastic, sand, wax and acrylic ball on wood board
Artwork Appreciation
LEE Tzu-Hsun spent many years experimenting and exploring the nature of mechanical production, light, and energy, and attempts to go beyond the boundaries of artistic materials to combine painting, sculpting, architecture, theatrical designs, and behavioral art. “Ever moving machinery. B” was initially inspired by a design for a perpetual energy conversion system. The artist’s preferred mechanical language was used to construct a self-sufficient space. In this space, every part is independent yet mutually dependent on each other, creating a balanced integral body as a result of mutual need. LEE Tzu-Hsun hopes to adopt a different perspective and method for looking at a world while providing a direct portrayal of pure aesthetics, leading the viewers on an expedition to explore the unknown world.