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Beautiful Scenery
HSU Chih-Yen
NO. 20140485
Year 2013
Max Size
173.4 x 123.5 x 9.5 cm, 143.1 x 175 x 9 cm x 3p
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
Artist SHU Wei-Lun is skilled in using the nature of oil painting to recreate various scenes in rich presentations. Beautiful Scenery is created by overlapping layers upon layers of thick oil paint, and uses a rational approach to depict the sticky mess of landfills. While serving as an exposé to the ugly aspects of modern life, these works also adopts another perspective to material existentialism, using the unique visual approaches to introduce aesthetic elements to the dark side of human civilization. SHU Wei-Lun employed both the existentialist sensation of oil media and meticulous shadow effects to depict the layers of giant garbage mounds, offering a realistic reminder on the overly full and precarious state of our landfills.