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LIN Hsien-Chun
NO. 20210055
Year 2020
Max Size
82.9 x 132.1 x 4 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
The use of shapes or lines to create a sense of space and a staggered arrangement of colors, in a manner reminiscent of Op Art, is one of the creative features of the artist Lin Hsien-chun. In recent years he has focused on expressing beautiful figures formed by the refraction of light. The word penglai originally referred to rising clouds in the sky, but was later used by Daoists to refer to a place where immortals lived and clouds rose into the sky—the isle of Penglai. On Taiwan’s east coast, one can see clouds formed by rising water vapor from the Pacific Ocean rise rapidly on steady air currents; these clouds swell, and then sometimes one can see them colored with the rainbow colors of the spectrum—these are “iridescent clouds.” Lin Hsien-Chun evenly covers the canvas with dense horizontal lines in rainbow colors that create a strong visual interference effect, making it almost impossible to stare and focus at the painting for a long time, but it is like being on the east coast, with its dazzling sunlight, and seeing the changing rainbow colors on the cloud surfaces.