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Remains- New Zhong Zhen Village
NO. 20140455
Year 2005
Max Size
122 x 101.6 x 3.7 cm
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Po-I uses photography as his creative media and has a personal connection towards in-depth observation and contemplation towards the moving and reconstructing of military dependents’ village, generating photographs of ruins that contain a distinct personal signature. Remains – New Zhong Zhen Village shows a corner of an abandoned village house where all the furniture had already been removed. The stickers left behind on the walls of the ex-occupants showed their love for comic book characters. The composition particularly focused upon these stickers to create a symmetrical arrangement that seems to portray the comic characters as icons of worship as well as reflecting upon the beauty and sorrow of these ruins. CHEN Po-I’s works incorporate aesthetics with his long-term observation on Taiwanese ruins to inspire concern for our cultural heritage.