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LU Hsien-Ming
NO. 20160175
Year 2009
Max Size
148.3 x 248.4 x 10 cm
Oil paint and stain steel on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
LU Hsien-Ming uses urban landscapes to investigate the development of cities and convey the detachment and isolation of modernization. The elevated highway has always been an important visual element in LU Hsien-Ming’s works. Firmament uses stainless steel as the artistic media to portray the coldness of urban and industrial architecture. Two vertical steel pillars are portrayed in the artwork. The background is an inter-weaving montage of cold colors and steel fragments with hard, rigid lines. Silhouettes of tiny individuals are portrayed running against the torrents of time. LU Hsien-Ming uses materials, colors, and structures to create a futuristic scene that highlights a mythical and fable-like atmosphere, and an epic yet alienated world of progress.