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Grown-Up Circus (2018 CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN)
2018/04/13 Exhibition

Face this absurd world with serious humor!

What is the taste of “growing up”? After what age are we regarded as “grown-ups”? There seems to be no standard answers or any specific numbers; rather, it is a state, a different state compared to ourselves in the past. The term “grown-up” is like the symbol of a new demographic group, a kind of lifestyle, values, and preferences unlike anything in the past; it seems to also represent a wonderful state where one has own style and firm confidence, as he or she now pursues a better life, and has broader perspectives, refined taste, and the ability to feel and read life.

It seems wonderful and intriguing to become an “adult,” but is the state of “grown-up” really better?

In addition to the irresistible process of aging, “grown-ups” must also assume greater responsibilities and obligations in reality; sometimes they face truths they cannot handle, and sometimes they have to face realities beyond their imaginations…At times, they feel as if they lived in a circus, and were surrounded by both well- and poorly-trained actors and animals; within own roles, they try hard to cover their mistakes in order to give seemingly perfect performances. Weaving through lights, applauses, laughter, and absurd plays, the circus also features mysterious and dreamy music and lavish and fantasy-like scenes.

Through combining the social phenomena and everyday life in the eyes of artists with real yet fantasy-like exhibition space, this exhibition invites audience to jointly consider how, in their own minds, the “world of grown-ups” should look like?

Artists: LIU Yi-Lan, CUEI Yong-Yan, CHEN Yi-Chieh, CHEN Yi-Chang, CHEN Wan-Jen, HUANG Chien-Hua, HUANG Sih-Ya, LIAO Chi-Yu
Date: 2018.4.18-4.22
Time: 4.18-4.21 10:00-18:00, 4.22 10:00-17:00
Place: Taipei Expo Park Expo Dome(D2-003,D2-005)