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2021 CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN: What Next? New Normals of Space in the Post-pandemic Era
2021/04/15 Exhibition

Exhibition Concept
In this post-COVID world, we’ve witnessed many things beyond our previous imagination, including working from home and being required to self-isolate. These two likely new norms are blurring the division between professional and personal life and—facilitated by the rapid advancement of online media—introducing a new social distance. All these dramatic changes and unknown situations have given rise to new issues to be addressed: how should we cope with the sudden increase of time and space alone as well as the accompanying sense of loneliness, anxiety, and burnout? And how do we maintain a comfortable life and keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy?
How would artists and designers, based on their observation of people and life, imagine a space where we spend more time alone—a space where we can rid ourselves of agitating negative emotions such as worries and fears about the unknown “new normals” in life? For this exhibition, Artbank Taiwan has invited three interior design firms (FUGE & XIZO & JOSUIa, YATC, and ARCH Interior Design x Compose) to imagine “post-pandemic new normals” with us. To visualize their ideal state of being alone, the designers have hand-picked art pieces that can best represent their answer to the question about “ideal solitude in the post-pandemic era”. Viewers of the exhibition are invited to go inside the minds of the artists and designers to explore imaginations about the new norms in this post-COVID world.

Artists:Lee Min-Tao、Lin Ching-Hsuan、Lin Szu-Ying、Chi Jen-Yu、Keng Chieh-Sheng、Zhang Xu-Zhan、Peng I-I、Yang Chen Hua、Liao Wen-Hao

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