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If There were Gaps Between Choices: Does Free Will Really Exist?
2021/03/19 Exhibition

A man can do as he will, but he can not will as he will.
- Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860

Artists see the connotation of the world with a pure intuition. They use brushes, lenses, or various material and forms to convert daily experience into an everlasting bloom that deals with the alienation and absurdity of civilized society, the temptation and imagination across time and space, the desire and hurt deep inside the heart, and even the criticism and reflection on the ethics of technology.
This exhibition is based on the concept of the gap between choices as an attempt to present the philosophical prospective about “free will” that has not yet been scientifically concluded through the contemporary artworks in Taiwan. The exhibition features 13 artists and a total of 17 artworks about the self, desire, and imagination from the acquisition of Art Bank.
It does not matter if there is a correct answer in terms of free will in science or those perspectives in philosophy are compatible or not. This time, you can choose to follow your heart, just explore around the gaps and feel free with the artists!
Freedom here means to decide by yourself, no matter this feeling coming from consciousness or unconsciousness.

WANG Liang-Yin, WU Chien-Hsing, WU Tzu-Ning, WU Yung Chieh, SHEN Xin-You, LIN Hung-Shin, CHEN I-Chun, LU Hsien-Ming, HUANG Hai-Hsin, HUANG Zan-Lun, OU Jing-Yun, TSAI Shih-Hung, SU Huang-Sheng

Curator: YU Huan-Ting
Space Designer: SU Cheng-Pu
Visual Designer: LEE Hsin-Hung

Date: 2021/3/22-6/18
Venue: Art Bank Taiwan (No.150, Sec. 1, Ziyou Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan)

Open Hour
Mon.-Fri. 9:00-17:00

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