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Flying Block
PAN Hsien-Jen
NO. 20190102
Year 2019
Max Size
123 X 123 X 5 cm
Acrylic and ink on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
PAN Hsien-Jen's Flying Block is composed of four pictures. He uses minimalist black and white tones and abstract concepts to present the creation. The picture is left blank on the edges, and the oblique right-angled trapezoid is used as the visual focus in the center. From the edge to the center, from large to small, from shallow to deep, the process of constantly superimposing geometric borders transforms regular flat lines into an abyss with three-dimensional effects. PAN Hsien-Jen regards painting as a process of dealing with planes. He believes an artist can leave traces of his actions, thoughts, and emotions on the surface of the canvas plane. Through simple abstract geometry, one can get rid of the narrative interference and create one's system, turning the work into a pure medium that triggers the audience's inherently complex experience.