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  • No Longer See the Scenery - Tranquil Sea Picture No.1,Total:1
No Longer See the Scenery - Tranquil Sea
TSAI Wen-Hsiang
NO. 20200188
Year 2017
Max Size
150.7 x 122.8 x 5 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
Tsai Wen-Hsiang, who is both a photographer and curator, formerly worked mostly in social documentaries and photojournalism. In recent years, he has explored how contemporary photography can be expressed across cultures. Through the uncertainties presented in his works, he shows how things take shape, dissipate, or are destroyed in the contemporary era. Tranquil Sea is one of the series No Longer See the Scenery. It attempts to integrate real images and abstract memories. Here we see the blue ocean above and several large trucks on the coastal road below, as well as a large parking lot. At first glance, it seems like a tranquil scene with many inexplicable features, such as parking spaces that overlap, trucks that seem about to collide, and so on. Tsai Wen-Hsiang arranges the photographic images from a perspective that does not follow traditional photographic aesthetics; he explores the interactive effects of photography at different times and places, and challenges the concepts and boundaries of photography.