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Dielusion: Yurie
LAN Chung-Hsuan
NO. 20200193
Year 2018
Max Size
40.5 x 56 x 4.5 cm
Digital photograph
Artwork Appreciation
The creative works of the artist Lan Chung-Hsuan include photography, video, text, and mixed media installations. His “Dielusion” series includes a total of 20 works, all completed in 2018 when he was an artist-in-residence in Japan. He invited local people to share their views and attitudes toward death, even their longing for death, and he concretized the times, places, people, and events in a series of photographs. He then had these mounted in antique-style frames to make connections with classical art. Dielusion: Yurie is one of the works of this series. Yurie expressed the hope that when she died, it would be in a comfortable environment, so the artist arranged for her a very dramatic scenario: in a dimly lit hotel room, she would open the curtains and be overcome by the beauty of Mt. Fuji. The image conveys the idea that death is not only a taboo, but can also be a romantic yearning.