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  • Moist of Angel No.5: Gloria Yip (1973~1992) Picture No.1,Total:1
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Moist of Angel No.5: Gloria Yip (1973~1992)
LIN Ching-Fong
NO. 20140551
Year 2014
Max Size
86 x 66.5 x 5.5 cm
Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
LIN Ching-Fong is skilled in depicting local lifestyles in abstract forms, using a mix of creative media and brilliant colors to create a myriad of expressions for the wonderful moments of our lives. LIN Ching-Fong employs his signature Taiwanese style to communicate the younger generation’s local identity, and his creative inspirations are derived from Taiwan’s unique urban culture. The Moist of Angel series use popular female celebrities as the subject. Moist of Angel No.5: Yip Wan-Yee Angel (1973-1992) depicts the famous actress Gloria Yip Wan-Yee as a beauteous female figure emerging from the pool. LIN Ching-Fong granted her angel-like wings and allowed the paint to flow naturally across the canvas and infiltrate the Moist Angel’s skin as well as his visions of beauty and artistic resonance. LIN Ching-Fong believes that Taiwanese elements are deeply rooted within the genetics of the people’s lives and represents a lifestyle approach. A nostalgic child-like interest was used as an attempt to portray a refreshing self-identity where unrestrained desires are allowed to take the stage.