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Grass Coat No.28
YANG Ming-Dye
NO. 20170141
Year 2011
Max Size
15 x 330 x 5.5 cm
Three-dimensional combining techniques on glass
Artwork Appreciation
YANG Ming-Dye is a leading block print artist from Taiwan who primarily uses glass, screen printing and other composite media to transform block prints into three-dimensional sculptures that primarily focus on the natural processes of growth and death of life. Grass Coat NO28 is inspired by wild grasses and flowers growing in suburban areas of the artist’s native home. Hand sketches and photography were created before transferring the images onto a paper pulp. The images illustrate the swaying of grasses in the natural breeze while documenting the growth and marks of the grasses and flowers. The heat-melted glass exhibits irregular shapes while giving off a pristine and elegant glow. YANG Ming-Dye uses the process of art creation to demonstrate the natural law of mutualism between the living beings and to provide a lasting condensation of beautiful moments lurking within the artist’s memories.