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Senseless 2013-L-1
CHEN Yun-Ling
NO. 20140169
Mixed Media
Year 2013
Max Size
46.5 x 86.8 x 7.5 cm
Artwork Appreciation
CHEN Yun-Ling’s Senseless 2013-L-1 uses deep blue as the basic background tone to create a mysterious and serene atmosphere that provides a subtle veil over the infinite creativity that rests in her heart. CHEN Yun-Ling uses diluted paint as well as subconscious and involuntary movements to spread the paint over the canvas, following her instincts to create different thicknesses and textures, resulting in this wholly unexpected and charming work. Reflections, shadows, and surrounding light have transformed the colors and created a flowing musical effect. CHEN Yun-Ling believes that Automatism is based upon memory-induced reactions, a force that transforms the power of innermost structures of the mind into a smooth and engaging visual language.