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After the Explosion -Pot Plant
CHANG Teng-Yuan
NO. 20130219
Year 2008
Max Size
146 x 112 x 5 cm
Acrylic on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
Artist CHANG Teng-Yuan takes subjects from everyday life, presenting modern visual experiences in the form of paintings and animation. In his painting After the Explosion – Pot Plant, he paints a solitary potted plant, the kind you might see in ordinary life, on a background of a single color. At first glance, it’s like an ordinary still-life of a potted plant, but upon closer observation, the arm of the character Tiga from the Japanese cartoon Ultraman can be seen on the stem of one of the leaves. To the artist, the more mundane something is, the more worthy it is of being observed. He attempts to persuade viewers to discard their ordinary way of seeing things and look at things from a different perspective, thereby re-experiencing the world.