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At Home Series: Oven & Dishwasher
LIN Tzu-Chuan
NO. 20130216
Year 2012
Max Size
80 x 80 x 5 cm x 2p
Acrylic on canvas
Leased out
Artwork Appreciation
Artist LIN Tzu-Chuan’s At Home Series: Oven & Dishwasher transforms the properties of a dishwasher and oven into simple geometric forms. Vivid color accompanied with simple blocky shapes capture the rising temperature of an oven and the fluid state of the water in a dishwasher. Lin takes advantage of the quick-drying property of acrylic to repeatedly apply different thicknesses of paint on different sections of the painting. After the layers are applied, it exhibits a thick, multilayered texture. These varying textures give the image a three-dimensional look on the flat canvas. As for colors, vivid blues form the base color for the dishwasher, representing the fluidity of water, while the light yellow, deep yellow and orange stripes in the oven’s window symbolize rising temperatures. The strong contrasts give these abstract images a dynamic sense of tension and intrigue.