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Peacock Girl
LIANG You-Ning
NO. 20150264
Year 2013
Max Size
64 x 63 x 8 cm
Oil, acrylic and pencil on canvas mounted on wood board
Artwork Appreciation
LIANG You-Ning uses fine strands of hair as an artistic element in his artwork to convey inner contradictions that also serve as a critique and imagination of the outside world. Peacock Girl reflects how modern people have become dependent on social networks. The composition shows a head with its face hidden and surrounded by layers of thick, flowing hair with infinite lengths, evolving and growing to form other heads with hidden faces. These heads are connected to each other through these strands of hair that serve as a form of social network. The artist hopes to use this work to convey how our lives were dominated by the virtual world and highlight the transparent yet alienated relationships between individuals.