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Shuang-Lian Pond 1997
CHEN Min-Tse
NO. 20130090
Year 2003
Max Size
96.3 x 121.7 x 5 cm
Oil on canvas
Artwork Appreciation
Artist CHEN Min-Tse had been a member of the Society of Wilderness. During the years visiting remote areas, Shuanglian Pond in Yuanshan Township, Yilan County left a special impression in Chen’s heart. Before it was developed, Shuanglian Pond had been a village surrounded by green mountains, like a utopia independent and detached from the rest of the world. However, as time goes by and society changes, the beautiful scenery no longer exists. Using aerial photos taken in 1997 as the blueprint, Chen Min-Tse painted “Shuang-Lian Pond 1997” to remember the beautiful pearl surrounded by mountains in his memory.