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Just and Honorable
HOU Chun-Ming
NO. 20160235
Year 2013
Max Size
153.4 x 103 x 6.5 cm
Paint and gold leaf on cardboard
Artwork Appreciation
HOU Chun-Ming’s Just and Honorable takes apart the Chinese characters of Zheng Da Guang Ming and re-assembles various elements into a single, novel pictographic work. The background, covered in gold foil, further accentuates the Chinese characters presented in black oil paint. A viewer can still recognize the 4 individual characters, and the pictographic composition displays the formative aesthetics of Chinese characters. Words have always played an important role in HOU Chun-Ming’s works and the artist believes that runes are simply untamed characters, while characters are simply runes deprived of its magic. The artwork re-visualizes the text and conveys the expansive forces and energies of Chinese characters.